You will forever remember how these first days with your newborn baby looked and felt.

I want to  say huge CONGRATULATION! As a mother, I know well the feelings and excitement of expecting a new baby and just how fast the first few weeks and months with them can fly by. Therefore I love being natural newborn photographer.

It’s an honor to be able to freeze time through imagery so that you will forever remember welcoming them into the world, how tiny they were in your arms and how you felt when you looked at them, you felt more love than you could have ever imagined.

I will come to your home for the newborn shoot between 6 and 21 days after birth. They still sleep a lot and lie quietly in this period of time while photographing. So people reserve this shoot during pregnancy. Too late for a newborn shoot? You can book a baby shoot.

Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot
Amsterdam Newborn Photography

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home and tell the story of your family in a natural and relaxed way. 

Not only I will document the beauty of this precious time but also connection of the immediate family in this incredibly sweet time of life. Newborn sessions feature the newborn and his or her immediate family and usually last around one to two hours.

Newborn Photographer Amsterdam
newborn photographers

If not now... When?

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home and tell the story of your family in a natural and relaxed way. Your session will document the beauty and connection of the immediate family in this incredibly sweet time of life. Newborn sessions feature the newborn and his or her immediate family and usually last around two hours.

unposed newborn photoshoot


As a newborn photographer, I am dedicated to capturing the purest and most precious moments of your little one’s life. My approach is unique, as I strive to create a calm and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. 

What sets me apart is my personalized approach to each session. I take the time to get to know each family and their specific needs, ensuring that every image is tailored to their individual style and preferences. My attention to detail and creative eye results in stunning, timeless photographs that families can cherish for years to come.

Overall, I am passionate about newborn photography and dedicated to providing a personalized, stress-free, and memorable experience for every family. My unique approach and attention to detail ensure that every image captures the beauty and innocence of your newborn in a way that is both timeless and breathtaking.

Newborn Photographer Amsterdam


An in-home newborn photo session is the best option for families who want a comfortable, convenient, and intimate setting for capturing those precious first moments of their baby’s life. It offers a relaxed environment, greater flexibility in scheduling and logistics, and more opportunities for personalization and creativity.

Handmade Knitted Blankets


You’ll also have the opportunity to incorporate handmade knitted blankets into your session. These blankets add a personal touch and create a cozy and warm atmosphere that is perfect for capturing those precious moments. As a skilled photographer with a keen eye for detail, I will capture the perfect shots that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Handmade Baby Shoes


Incorporating knitted shoes into your newborn photo session adds a charming and cozy touch to your images. With three color options, white, pink, and blue, you can choose the perfect pair to match your style and preferences. And, if desired, you have the option to purchase the shoes after the session as a keepsake for your little one.

Newborn Guide


By offering a detailed newborn guide, I provide valuable information and resources to new parents, ensuring they are fully prepared for their newborn photo session. This guide covers everything from what to expect during the session to tips for clothing, environment, soothing and posing their little one. With this knowledge, parents can feel confident and relaxed.

Newborn Photo Session near me
Family Fotograaf Amsterdam

Natural unposed MATERNITY and Newborn Baby Photography in Amsterdam

You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life forever.  Capture this incredible time  to remember moments you will cherish for the rest of your life.

All wrinkly and so perfect. With all the yawns, but not for long.  A newborn photoshoot will capture magical stage of your family’s story and will stop the memories from fading. The change babies go through in their first year is truly phenomenal. 

During newborn sessions I focus on the family interaction and connection in your family when you bring your baby home. Sessions are in your home, relaxed, time efficient, and they result in a gallery full of beautiful moments captured that tell the story of this time. I practice what I call natural “Baby Led Posing.” which means that I don’t ever put a baby in a flower pot. 🙂 

Babies are beautiful as they are. The natural unfolding of a newborn’s limbs when the stretch, the way they curl up when placed on their belly for a moment, the way they look when cozily swaddled, all of that is so simple and beautiful to me. This is how I remember my baby, and that is how I photograph them.


In the tired hazy fog of juggling day to day, we don’t realise that these everyday moments are special – that they mean everything.  We should stop and take it all in, celebrate all we have achieved by making these small humans. 

The kids will never be this age again. Now is the time to do it. Don’t put it off for another year. And don’t have another year where you aren’t in many photos – I see you behind the camera never in the photos of the whole family that you want so badly.   

I offer a range of beautiful and high-quality albums, prints, and canvases that will bring your photos to life and become treasured keepsakes for years to come. My prints are of the highest quality, with rich, vivid colors and sharp, detailed images. They are available in a range of sizes and finishes, including matte, glossy, and metallic.

Newborn Photographer

1 hour 15 Edited
Private Photo Gallery
extra photo 15€ each
excl. travel cost


Natural newborn photography Amsterdam

2 hours
60+ Edited Photos
Sneak Peek within 24 hours
Newborn Guide
15×15 album
excl. travel cost


Newborn photography Amsterdam

2 x 1,5 hours
90+ Edited Photos + 1 small video
Sneak Peek within 24 hours
Newborn Guide
15×15 album
excl. travel cost


Photos Album

Print Products to Cherish Your Memories

I deliver more than just a digital photography. Why let the beautiful images fade away in your computer or cloud. Let’s keep them alive in albums of your choice with personalised engraving. You can also choose a beautiful USB stick or photo storage box. Unlike digital files that can get lost or deleted, a physical album or canvas is a tangible keepsake that can be displayed in their home for years to come.

A print album or canvas of your photo session is a timeless and sentimental gift that grandparents will cherish. Additionally, flipping through an album or admiring a canvas can evoke happy memories and bring a smile to their face.

The quality of a professionally printed album or canvas is also superior to what can be achieved with a home printer, ensuring that the images look their best.


Please reach me at if you can’t find answer to your question. 

The purpose of the deposit is to lock in your date + time. If you cancel last minute, I most likely would have been able to book someone else during that period. I do not write anything down in my calendar until the deposit has been paid, making your desired time slot up for grabs. Nothing is booked until the deposit has been paid.
The remainder of your session + travel fee is due immediately following your shoot before we both depart. No images will be delivered until the final payment is made. The way my booking system is set up is in two increments: deposit + final payment.

It’s never too early to book a newborn session. Booking newborn session early ensures you don’t miss your chance for capturing those magical moments.

Babies don’t always arrive when they are expected so I can be very flexible to make sure we do your photoshoot when your baby arrives. Newborns are absolutely gorgeous and snuggly in their first four weeks and is usually when a photoshoot is best held.

I believe in authentic and natural newborn, baby, and family photography. I put my heart into capturing the little details that make you a unique family. I love documenting the REAL which is why I try to keep posing to a minimum.

I also don’t wrap babies in blankets, put them to baskets etc… My approach and style to newborn photography is clean, timeless and minimalistic.

Newborn photography sessions are held in my studio in Diemen where everything will be ready and you don’t have to take care of anything or in the convenience and comfort of your home.

With older babies or for family photoshoot we can agree upon outdoor location. Together we will choose the perfect location for your session

I love neutral colors like cream, white, tan, blush or light gray. Remember you want to baby to be the focus not what you’re wearing.
I like off shoulder tops or maxi dress for moms. Have dads and siblings in the same color tone.
Don’t wear too much pattern and neon colors – unless we agree before the photoshoot.

Before your session you will receive a document with details how to prepare. It is advised to follow the simple steps to help ensure that you and your baby are ready.

Any ideas from your side are always welcome 🙂

Every age and stage! But if I were to have another baby, these are the photo opportunities I would definitely not want to miss:

A maternity shoot and a newborn shoot.
A ‘mini session’ (20 – 30 minutes) at around four months old.
A full session when s/he is sitting but not yet crawling. If you go for this, a good time to book it is when your baby has started to sit but is still fairly ‘scrunched up’. We schedule the shoot for a month later, by which time s/he should be sitting up beautifully.
Mark this significant milestone with a first birthday shoot which includes general portrait as well as a cake smash.

These staggered shoots would enable you to create a stunning first year album. After that I’d have a shoot every 6 – 18 months. You may want to repeat all the stages if you decide to have more children.

I clean out my client files every 3 months and cannot guarantee that I will backup the images for you, so be sure to download the images and create your own backups. I do not store the raw files for more than 2 months.

No. Part of my job is making the image selects and choosing the most flattering photographs. The images I do not deliver are either repeats, blurry, or out of focus, shots of you blinking or mid-sentence speaking. I have no reason to withhold any images if there are additional ones I think you would enjoy! I am on your side. Then from those images you get to choose the finals.
No, I do not retouch or alter my client’s appearance. Only if there is stain or some dirt on you or clothes, or there is a pimple you want to be removed.
Please make it clear to me in your initial contact email if this is the case and let me know the reason. The sole way I market my photography services (and how you found me!) is the internet and I rely on sharing my photography to bring in customers. Therefore, I do have a fee if this is something you want to be waived. please inquire.

No. Any of the files I deliver to you could be shared online.

A travel fee may be applied if a location is out of Diemen and Amsterdam Center.